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Monday, September 26, 2011

Leviathan party planning: Activities

Henry, Charon, & Abdikarim offered to be in charge of activities planning.

During our discussion:
*Mickelle suggested an artist that makes steampunk necklaces.
*We talked about arranging for a Leonardo's Basement project!
*We thought a costume contest would be fun.
*We discussed carving pumpkins as an option.

Please reply in the comments if you are working on or have made arrangements for any activities for our party. Also reply if you have any other ideas about activities.


  1. I am not giveing ideas, I am just going to help run them.

  2. I will judge the costume contest!

  3. So, we've got our main activity now with Leonardo's Basement. Are you guys still interested in a costume contest, or any of the other activities listed above?