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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leviathan Party Planning!

Hi everyone,

You can use this post/comments area to discuss plans for the Leviathan party we will be hosting for Teen Read Week (October 16-22).

1. Which date would work best for you? Please reply to this Doodle poll and let us know.

2. What ideas do you have for our party? Post them in the comments area below.

Questions to think about:

The library will give you a $100 budget and make purchases with your suggestions. What activities do you think we should have at the party? What supplies will you need? Food?

The library staff will help you create a flyer which will be distributed to area libraries. They will also post the event on the library's online calendar, and send a press release to the Midway Monitor. What other ideas do you have to help spread the word about the party?

Let the discussion begin!


  1. one idea i haven't mentioned is to buy air pilots goggles from a costume party.

    Food: AUstrian, German, english, russian, turkish

  2. Great ideas, Anonymous! Does anyone want to check a costume shop or party store for items that would be relevant to Leviathan? (Don't buy anything yet, just look & do research to let us know prices.) Also, does anyone want to research the foods from these cultures and see if there's anything that would work for party food?

  3. I want to check!

  4. how about a costume contest! with prizes for most creative, most clanker, most darwin, and funniest.

  5. Oh, a costume contest would be fun! Love it!